Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue

Saving lives for over 50 years

Preparing for the Outdoors

Before venturing out on any outdoors activity, always check the weather forcast before you leave, ensure you have a map and compass and know how to use them.

The Mountain Weather Information Service provides regularly updated and detailed forecasts for all upland areas in Scotland. To help you be prepared, the latest forecast covers the Southern Uplands.

In Case of Emergency

If you require the assistance of any Mountain Rescue Team within the UK, please dial 999 and ask for the Police who will coordinate with the required personnel. Have a grid reference or position ready if you know it but don’t guess.


The team is a charity and has to raise most of the funds it requires itself. It currently takes about £30,000 to cover the team’s operating expenses for one year. Over the last six years, Mountain Rescue Teams across Scotland have received some support from the Scottish Government, although this in not sufficient to cover all of the expenses of running the team and is not guaranteed for the future.



Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team
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